#31 Everything's Wearisome

We are living in an age where many are tired or weary and maybe even having trouble finding the strength to press on. It turns out this is nothing new and the Bible includes some info on why this happens.

[Ecclesiastes 1:8-9] All things are wearisome, more than one can describe; the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear content with hearing. What has been will be again, and what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Berean Study Bible

The author of these verses considered all things wearisome. But people are radically different in makeup and it's quite possible what sucks the life out of me may be different than what you find exhausting. However, many of us could probably find some common ground and would agree things like discussions over politics and too much news is very wearisome.

I've been on the planet long enough to figure out that it's not things that drain the energy out of me nearly as much as it is people. I don't have anything against people. It's just some of the things they do have the tendency to make me tired of being around people.

I'm not the only person who feels this way. Recently I heard a lady say that she would like people too, but only if she didn't have to see them, listen to them, or interact with them.

I know the things I have to say wear a lot of people out, but I don't want to talk about me. I do want to share with you a few things people do that weary me and many others.

It's my dysfunctional neighbors who are very loud and constantly bicker morning, noon, and night. It's those brawls I frequently witness on public transportation and in stores between the masked and the unmasked. Also high on my list are those who are inconsiderate of others time. People who show up late, who show up unprepared, who start the meeting 45 minutes late, or insist you come to a meeting that you didn't even need to be at, and on and on.

I also find dealing with those who are not honest, unreliable, ask too many “stupid” questions, or hardly ever stop giving unsolicited advice as very exhausting to be around.

I know I'm far from perfect. I do understand that some people don't like to be around me (for very long). And I am also aware of some of their reasons why they might not want to be.

None of you need to be more like me any more than I need to be more like any of you. My goal is not to bash others, but rather to challenge each of us to reach a higher level of self-awareness. Help us see what it is about us that the Lord might like to tweak a bit and help us become a brighter light for Jesus

Finding people wearisome seems to me to affect more so those who are introverted. Statistics that I found on the internet, and keep in mind that this is from “experts,” estimate that approximately 25 to 40 percent of the population are introverts.

An introvert can be defined as a person who prefers being alone, or a person who can experience extended periods of isolation without feeling loneliness. Introversion is not a mental disorder or a hatred of people, but rather a character trait God has gifted some of us.

I'm never alone, I've always got Jesus with me. However, because I'm a Christian I want to lead others to Jesus. And if I want to reach the lost, completely avoiding those who tire me is not a realistic possibility.

But it is important for me and others like me to be able to recognize how much time we can spend around others and not become weary. I say that for a reason: A visibly tired Christian is unlikely in the best condition for being an effective witness for Jesus.