#36 That Was Not So Smart

What's not so smart are some of the comments certain Christians like to make. Let me give some examples of the kind of statements that I have in mind. Our church/denomination is the only one who gets it right, I am way more spiritual than you are, and this is the best church in the whole state.

Lets' look at a verse that records a boast that was made by a very wise guy, King Solomon.

[Ecclesiastes 1:16] I said to myself, “Behold, I have grown and increased in wisdom beyond all those before me who were over Jerusalem, and my mind has observed a wealth of wisdom and knowledge.” BSB

Even though it was true that Solomon had received more wisdom than anyone else on the planet it was kind of stupid for Solomon to brag about it. Boasting is evidence of a heart full of sinful pride. Pride is a key to opening the door to failure at that's completely regardless of who you are.

Sinful pride seems to have the tendency to limit what God will accomplish through a person. Telling someone you are more spiritual than they are is not only cringe worthy, it is also proof of something quite the opposite. The last guy that told me he was way more spiritual than I was completely fell away from the church a short time later. I expected this to happen, I just didn't know how long it would take for him to fall.

I challenge you to investigate what happens with those believers who you overhear making boasts about their talents and good works and see what happens with their walk in the months to come. Learning from others mistakes is wisdom, but only if you learn not to make the same ones.

If you study the life of Solomon you will discover he failed miserably in the end. Solomon's great wisdom was not enough to prevent him from doing all sorts of things the Lord said kings were not supposed to do.

Multiplying wives, engaging in certain business deals, and a bunch of other things God did not approve of contributed to King Solomon not finishing his race very well.

A desire to use whatever we've been given to serve the Lord and impact the world is a worthy one. And the simplest to understand teachings of the Bible are the most important ones for a person to know. Even a person who is brand new to Jesus' team has enough understanding of the Bible to spread the Gospel message to more of the unsaved and that's pretty darn cool.

More knowledge, resources, increased finances, or our other additional requests may not be what we are in need of. It's quite possible that we may need more wisdom from the Lord how to make better use of what we've already been blessed with.

And it's probably a good idea to be in the habit of asking God to help us recognize those opportunities that he has for us to be a blessing to others. One of the reasons we do that so we don't miss out on the opportunity to share in the blessing.

You can relax and enjoy this short life on the planet even knowing well that you are not the sharpest tool in the shed. This is because none of our many shortcomings will prevent God from fulfilling his purposes.

Not the sharpest tool in the shed

Not the smartest person around.